Pros and cons of viral marketing

1 . How important is social class in your society? Can you think of societies where social class matters more? Or less?

2 .  What are some of the obstacles to measuring social class in European societies? Discuss some ways to get around these obstacles.

3.   What consumption differences, if any, might you expect to observe between a family characterized as underprivileged  vs  one whose income is average for its social class?

Trace a referral pattern for a service provider such as a hair stylist by tracking how clients came to choose them. See if you can identify opinion leaders who are responsible for referring several clients to the businessperson. how might the service provider take advantage of this process to grow their business?

The strategy of viral marketing  gets customers to sell a product to other customers on behalf of the company. That often means convincing your friends to climb on the bandwagon, and sometimes you get a small percentage return (or other reward) if they end up buying something.  Some might argue that means you are selling out your friends (or at least selling to your friends) in exchange for a marketing reward. others might say you are just sharing the wealth with those you care about. have you been involved in viral marketing by passing along names of your friends or sending them to a website such as  if so, what happened? how do you feel about this practice?

Discuss the pros and cons of viral marketing.


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