Types of learning style/s

For this task you must research each of the following topics and complete a report on your findings.

Your report should be structured so each topic is presented in a separate section of the report. You should include images and other illustrations of the concepts where possible. Please ensure that all images and other sources of information that you have included and referred to are referenced appropriately using APA Version 6.


There is no word limit for this report.


What you will need to complete this task


· Research materials such as books, internet, magazines, workplace documentation etc.

· Access to legislative and regulatory documentation relevant to own state or territory.

· Organisational policies and procedures

You should use a variety of sources to gather information including training resources, workplace policies and procedures (if you are able to access these) and government and industry bodies.


2. Report


The topics are:

1. Principles and techniques involved in the management and organisation of:

a. performance measurement

b. personal behaviour, self-awareness and personality traits identification

c. a personal development plan

d. personal goal setting

e. Time

2. Outline your organisation’s policies, plans and procedures relating to work priorities and professional development.

3. Types of learning style/s and how they relate to the individual

4. How you plan to usebusiness technology to organise and prioritise work tasks and commitments

5. How you plan to measure and maintain personal work performance

6. Methods you are planning to use to assess competency against competency standards

7. Methods of seeking feedback.

8. Strategies for maintainingan appropriate work-life balance to manage personal health and stress.

9. Strategies for participation in any networks you participate in, or networks you are planning on participating in.

10. Reflect on the new skills that you have planned to develop, and the strategies you have highlighted to do so and what you will need to do to ensure that you reach your objectives in both life and your career.


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