Cyber security case studies

This assignment aims at developing your group’s understanding of latest cyber security issues and
their impacts on business operations. Your group is required to critically evaluate three recent cyber
security case studies and their lessons to business organisations.
Your group is required to conduct a literature search and select three (3) cyber security case studies
that are published between 2014 – 2019. Based on the selected case studies, your group is required
to prepare a written report to cover the following points:
? Description of case company in each case
o General information of the company
o Key business processes of the company
? Cyber security issues covered in each case
o Key cyber security issues identified in each case
o Risks associated with the issues
o Impacts of the issues on case company
? Lessons learnt from each case
o Actions reported in each case to address the identified issues
o Outcomes of the reported actions
o Proposed actions other than the reported ones that could be taken to address the
o Suggestions for preventing the issues in future


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