Create a UML class diagram in Visual Paradigm for a system maintaining information about Bank employees, it should include the following classes. When creating the diagram, you should consider the following information:

· Bank has name as String

· Employee has name as String


Take a screenshot of the UML class diagram and paste them in the following box


Implement Java code for all the classes identified in the UML class diagram above, including state & behaviour.

· Use the package named ‘bank’ for all classes.

· Use encapsulation for all state (see example in lecture)

· Apply design principles to achieve high cohesion and loose coupling for all classes

· Create a simulation class that associates employee objects with bank objects

Copy the code for all classes and paste it in the following box.


Create a local Git repository for this project and commit the code in the local repo (avoid tracking files other than the basic configuration and source code files (for reference see steps in Lab #2).

Take a screenshot of Git history window that shows the commit(s) above and paste it in the following box


Create an EMPTY & PUBLIC remote repo in bitbucket and push the code from local repo to the remote repo and paste the URI in the following box


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