Internet Programming

Create and test an HTML document that is the home page of a business, Tree Branches, Unlimited, which sells tree branches. This document must include images and descriptions of at least three different kinds of tree branches. There must be at least one unordered list, one ordered list, and one table. Detailed descriptions of the different branches must be stored in separate documents that are accessible through links from the home document. You must invent several practical uses for tree branches and include sales pitches for them.

Using html ,css and javascript to the complete the following.The main page should have two links when user clicks program managers it should take them to the program managers page where the heading is Add New Budget the page should have a form along all the details in the picture provided when user clicks add,the program should start a session and convert js object into a json string object and store it locally so that the information can be displayed in a table when user clicks finance teams.


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