Update recovery protocols

Maximum number of the pages: 3 pages summarize your discussions

  1. Discuss the types of failure that may occur in a database environment. Explain why it is important for a multi-user DBMS to provide a recovery mechanism.
  2. Discuss how the log file (or journal) is a fundamental feature in any recovery mechanism. Explain what is meant by forward and backward recovery and describe how the log file is used in forward and backward recovery. What is the significance of the write-ahead log protocol? How do checkpoints affect the recovery protocol?
  3. Compare and contrast the deferred update and immediate update recovery protocols. Briefly discuss the process of query optimization
  1. What are the main benefits that are gained from tuning a database?
  2. What is meant by the term heuristic optimization? Discuss the main heuristics that are applied during query optimization?
  3. The main objective of physical database design is to store and access data in an efficient way. Discuss a number of factors that we may use to measure efficiency
  4. Discuss four basic components that interact and affect system performance
  5. Discuss the three phases of query process


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