Create an Android App

Create an Android App for Frank’s Ice Cream Shop. He wants an Android App that will allow customers to order Ice Cream Sundaes from their smart phones.


This App allows the user to customize an Ice Cream Sundae. The user can choose the:

  • ice cream flavor
  • size
  • toppings
  • and the amount of hot fudge to add

Also, the user can click the button labeled, ‘The Works!’ and they will get a large sundae with everything on it.

The cost of the ice cream sundae must update immediately when the user makes any selection.

You may assume that the default ice cream sundae will be a small size, vanilla ice cream, 1 oz of hot fudge and no toppings.

When the user presses the ‘Reset’ button, the default values should be displayed


In addition to the normal Buttons and TextViews, please use the following UI elements for the UI


  • CheckBoxes – for the additional toppings
  • SeekBar – for the amount of hot fudge
  • Spinners – for the Ice cream flavor and size
  • ListView – for the scrolling list of orders


Base Ice Cream Sundae Charge by Size

Choice of

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry

Includes Whipped Cream and a Cherry on Top

  • Small – $2.99
  • Medium – $3.99
  • Large – $4.99

Additional Toppings

  • Peanuts – $0.15
  • M&Ms – $0.25
  • Almonds – $0.15
  • Brownie – $0.20
  • Strawberries- $0.20
  • Oreos – $0.20
  • Gummy Bears – $0.20
  • Marshmallows – $0.15
  • Hot Fudge
    • 1 ounce – $0.15
    • 2 ounces – $0.25
    • 3 ounces – $0.30


The App must also include the following functionality:

  • Adds a Menu to the AppBar with the following menu choices
    • Past Orders – presents a new Activity that displays the orders that the user has placed during this session.
    • About – presents a new Activity that displays information about Frank’s Ice Cream Company and your name as the developer.


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