“Critical Theory Today”

Read chapter 8 in “Critical Theory Today” book.

Below are a series of questions taken from your textbook that a Deconstructive critic might ask about a text. In response to one of these questions, post a statement about a novel. (Be sure you indicate to which question you are responding and to which book you are referring.)

1. How can we use the various conflicting interpretations a text produces
(the “play of meanings”) or find the various ways in which the text doesn’t
answer the questions it seems to answer, to demonstrate the instability of
language and the undecidability of meaning? (Remember that deconstruc‑
tion uses the word undecidability in a special way. See page 259.)

2. What ideology does the text seem to promote—what is its main theme—
and how does conflicting evidence in the text show the limitations of that
ideology? We can usually discover a text’s overt ideological project by find‑
ing the binary opposition(s) that structure the text’s main theme(s).

i will upload a picture of the book cover to know which one

there is 2 questions, choose one and write 300 words

read chapter 8 of this book: “Critical theory today”

the book im referring is:  ”What Lies Between Us”


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