Moral Issues

  • Timmons, M. Disputed Moral Issues: A Reader, 4th Edition, Oxford University Press.

In a paragraph (150 words minimum), please respond to the following question:

  • Explain John Stuart Mill’s theory of higher and lower pleasures: Are there any problems inherent in the theory?
  • Overall, does Mill’s idea of higher and lower pleasures make sense to you? Why or why not?


In a paragraph (150 words minimum), please respond to ONE of the following questions:

  • After reading the Gill essay, Discuss the logical point made by some opponents of PAS that it is impossible to be better off dead than alive. Even if the logical argument were sound, are there other reasons to claim that suicide for a terminally ill patient is morally justified?
  • What worries does Velleman raise about appeals to dignity and autonomy in arguments over euthanasia? Do you agree or disagree with him on this issue? Why or why not?


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