Programming Concepts

GUI and Input, Output, and Variable

Assignment Content

  1. In your position as the leader of a programming team, sometimes you need to take on tasks when the team is overloaded with work. Your team is currently busy, so you are taking on a customer request to create a business application that allows the user to determine an approximate cost for a business trip. The customer will add functionality and features to the application throughout the development process. You will continue to modify this application throughout the remainder of the course.

    Create a Java™ travel authorization request graphical user interface (GUI) application via NetBeans to calculate the cost of a business trip.

    Include the following functionality:

    • Traveler name (text field)
    • Airfare cost (text field)
    • Food cost (text field)
    • Hotel cost (text field)
    • Car cost (text field)
    • Shuttle cost (text field)
    • Summary: Display request total in label (must use a variable to store each item and calculate totals)
    • Button
    • The user will enter the name of the traveler and the cost of each item for a trip request. When the user clicks the calculate button, 10% of the total amount will be added to the trip total and be displayed in the Summary field. The use of variables are required to store the costs of the individual items.

      Submit your assignment as follows the Netbeans project file (export/zip file), cut/paste the source to a MS Word document and a screen shoot of the output. Also, let me know if you are using a Mac or a PC platform.


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