Air transportation

1. Commercial air transport is separated by the FAA into

2. At the time of this book being written, how many business aircraft (turbojet and turboprop) were being flown worldwide?

3. The purpose of business aviation is to provide safe, efficient, and convenient air transportation to support the mission and goals of

4. Personal and business aviation are separated by one singe factor:

5. Approximately how much of airline service supports business travelers?

6. Corporate aircraft operations are distinct from employee-flown operations because of

7. What are the three divisions of on-demand air transportation?

8. Which is an example of a tangible benefit of corporate aviation?

9. Key-person insurance policies often use salary multipliers of what value to help better value the time of an employee?

10.All methods of on-demand air transportation should be viewed as

11.Which is an example of a fixed cost?

12.Which aspect of company travel is considered in an air transportation analysis?

13.Often individuals select a method of on-demand travel based on

14.What happens to the total cost per hour as utilization increases?

15.Fractional ownership shares are based on this maximum annual aircraft utilization.

16.Which is an example of a variable cost?

17.It is important for the flight department manager to be aware that company culture

18.With regard to flight records, what does the IRS require to be included for each leg of a trip?

19.Which method of on-demand transportation provides a good value to operators needing 100 to 150 annual hours?

20.Which specific flight department document helps to outline how the aircraft is used and who can use it?

21.Who is responsible for ensuring that the aircraft maintenance and inspections are complied with?

22.What is the percentage of companies that do not or minimally ask internal departments to compensate for the use of the company aircraft?

23.Which is a deciding factor when it comes to the decision to either purchase of lease the aircraft?

24.What is the purpose of IS-BAO?

25.What formula is used to help value a flight for personal use?


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