Cognitive Dissonance Theory

Uncertainty Reduction Theory

Communication Theory

Cognitive Dissonance Theory

Your 7-10 page paper will discuss how the integration of these three theories could enhance our explanations of a communication issue of your interest. You have the flexibility to craft this assignment to suit your needs and interests. In general, your paper should include (1) a discussion (brief literature review) of the theories and how they have been applied to your area of interest, (2) description and rationale of the integration of the theories, and (3) a brief analytic example to illustrate how the theories illuminate your communication problem or phenomena. For example, your paper may address what combinations of theories can be used to evaluate current trends on social media, your paper could analyze online community engagement culture, you could explore how groupthink impacts current social movements or seek to understand the environmental and cultural communication about siting nuclear waste facilities.

Apa format


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