Create the logic for a program

Create the logic for a program that continuously prompts the user for a number of dollars until the user enters 0. Pass each entered amount to a conversion method that displays a breakdown of the passed amount into the fewest bills; in other words, the method calculates the number of 20s, 10s, 5s, and 1s needed.

a. Create the logic for a program that performs arithmetic functions. Design the program to contain two numeric variables, and prompt the user for values for the variables. Pass both variables to methods named sum() and difference(). Create the logic for the methods sum() and difference(); they compute the sum of and diff erence between the values of two arguments, respectively. Each method should perform the appropriate computation and display the results. b. Add a method named product() to the program in Exercise 5a. Th e product() method should compute the result when multiplying two numbers, but not display the answer. Instead, it should return the answer to the calling program, which displays the answer.


6. Create the logic for a program that continuously prompts a user for a numeric value until the user enters 0. Th e application passes the value in turn to a method that squares the number and to a method that cubes the number. The program displays the results before reprompting the user. Create the two methods that square and cube a number passed to them, and then return the calculated value.


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