GUI design


1.       Take a critical look at three GUI applications with which you are familiar— for example, a spreadsheet, a word- processing program, and a game. Describe how well each conforms to the GUI design guidelines listed in this chapter.


2.Select one element of poor GUI design in a program with which you are familiar. Describe how you would improve the design.


4. Design the storyboards, interactivity diagram, object dictionary, and any necessary scripts for an interactive program for customers of Sunflower Floral Designs. Allow customers the option of choosing a fl oral arrangement ($ 25 base price), cut fl owners ($ 15 base price), or a corsage ($ 10 base price). Let the customer choose roses, daisies, chry-santhemums, or irises as the dominant flower. If the customer chooses roses, add $5 to the base price. After the customer clicks an Order Now button, display the price of the order.


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