C++ Data structures

C++ Data structures

Implementation and full source codes with definition.( Our book is Data structures and algorithms in c++ by Clifford A. Shaffer and i hate this book because it is difficult to understand some parts ) Implement a city database using unordered lists.Each database record contains the name of the city(a string of arbitrary length) and the coordinates of the city expressed as integer x and y coordinates.Your database should allow records to be inserted,deleted name or coordinate,and searched name or coordinate. Another operation that should be supported is to print all records within a given distance of a specified point.Implement the database using an array based list implementation,and then a linked list implementation.

Collect running time statistics for each operation in both implementations.

What are your conclusions about the relative advantages and disadvantages of the 2 implementations?

Would storing records on the list in alphabetical order city name speed any of the operations?

Would keeping the list in alphabetical order slow any of the operations?


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