Cloud Computing Security, Challenges and Threats

Topic :- Cloud Computing Security, Challenges and Threats:-Cyber Security management challenges

Please provide a brief proposal on one of the current Cyber Security management challenges in your field of interest, work, or expertise.

The document must contain details on the questions below:• What is the problem?• Which technique (ABM / Blockchain) are you going to use and why?• How your proposed methodology can help to tackle the problem?

  • Recognize bandwidth management in cellular networks
  • Explain the use of limited bandwidth
  • Observe traffic over wireless network protocol 802.11 standard

You are a digital forensics analyst for the Albuquerque Police Department. You have been tasked with examining any digital forensic evidence found at the scene as well as the network capture. The case supervisor suggests you address the following questions.

1. Who are the suspects in the transmission?

When does the first communication begin?

2. What browsers are the suspects using and on what operating systems?

3. Are there undercover DEA agents within the gang? If so, who are they?

4. What was sent for Jesse to collect? 5. Is Jesse a DEA agent?

6. What applications are running on the memory dump computer?

7. What web pages has the memory dump computer visited recently?

8. What is email address of the owner of the memory dump computer


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