Data Structures – Linkers

What is backtracking?

Find a solution to the 4-Queens problem using backtracking strategy.

Draw the solution space using necessary bounding function.

a. Deduce a recursive definition for finding the minimum cost of Matrix-Chain multiplication problem.

Find an optimal parenthesisation of a matrix chain product whose sequence of dimension is: < 5*10, 10*3, 3*12, 12*5, 5*50, 50*6> (9)

b. Write down the Floyd Warshall algorithm to solve the all pairs shortest paths problem on a directed graph.

Consider the following circular list, where p points to the FIRST node of the list. P
Complete the following incomplete function to extend the circular linked list being pointed by p ( the first node) by appending a singly linked list (pointed by q ) to the end of the circular list. The resulting list will be one big circular list.
It is specified that the Circular list is NOT empty i.e. p cannot be NULL, but q may be NULL.
• Desired: the first node of the original circular list will be the first node of the newly


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