Design an “ENIGMA” program

Do this using Visual studio. Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to design an “ENIGMA” program that will make it quick and easy for spies to encode and decode messages on the run using the RSA cryptosystem. Your program should have a friendly interface that is completely self-explanatory.

A. [40%] Two user modes:

Mode 1. The interface allows the user to enter n, e, and a number to be encoded. On a button click, the encoded number should be displayed.

Mode 2. The interface allows the user to enter n, d, and a number to be decoded. On a button click, the decoded number should be displayed.

B. [20%] Every time the user clicks a button, the program randomly generates two new primes with 3 digits each, and then displays these two primes along with the corresponding values of n, e and d.

C. [10%] The program has an original extra feature of your own choosing. The interface will have a button saying “Extra Feature”; when that button is clicked a message box appears. This message box should describe the extra feature of your program (tells your marker what to look for). Interface. [10%] The interface is extremely “spy-friendly,” self-explanatory, and attractive. Programming style. [10%] The program has good programming style. It uses comments, functions and sub procedures, and is efficient.

Determine whether the P-box with the following permutation table is a straight P-box, a compression P-box, or an expansion P-box. Give the reason for your answer.


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