Endpoint security

You work for a company that has just expanded by buying one of its competitors. There are now over 1000 office workers in your organisation. The CIO has decided that it is time to implement a Security Operations Centre for your organisation as much of the assets that belong to the  organisation are digital. The CIO has asked that you investigate existing solutions for a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system, a vulnerability management system, an endpoint security system and a network security system.
Write a short article that describes the necessity and essential properties of each of the following
security systems.
• Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
• Vulnerability management
• Endpoint security
• Network security
For each security system, you should briefly describe three possible solutions currently available on the market and recommend one.
While there is funding for this project, you must not mis-spend the organisations budget. The CIO needs to know your priority list for which system should be implemented from first to last. You need to
present your reasons why your order of implementation is important.
Note that the CIO does not want to read marketing material. He wants to see your analysis and opinion on the appropriate tools to use. You must give a reasoned argument for your recommendations.


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