Feistel Cipher

Consider a Feistel cipher with four rounds. Then the plaintext is denoted as P = (Lo, -Ro) and the corresponding ciphertext is C = (L4, R4). What is the ciphertext C, in terms of Lo, RQ, and the subkey, for each of the following round functions?

a. F(RÌ-I,KÌ) = 0

b. F(Ri-1,Ki) = Ri-1

c. F(Ri-1,Ki) = Ki

d. F(Ri-1,Ki) = Ri-1®Ki

1 This problem deals with a Feistel Cipher.

a. Give the definition of a Feistel Cipher.

b. Is DES a Feistel Cipher?

c. Is AES a Feistel Cipher?

d. Why is the Tiny Encryption Algorithm, TEA, “almost” a Feistel Cipher?

2 Within a single round, DES employs both confusion and diffusion.

a. Give one source of confusion within a DES round.

b. Give one source of diffusion within a DES round.


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