Write an algorithm to insert an element in a binary search tree

Explain Dijkastra’s algorithmWrite an algorithm to insert an element in a binary search treeWrite an algorithm to insert an element at the end in a circular link list.Discuss the different tree representation methods.

Write the procedure to insert an element in the middle of an array.

Write a procedure to convert infix expression to postfix expression. Applythe procedure on the following dataQ:((A+B)*D)(E-F)

Insert a node at a specific position in a linked list (write function just for inserting) : head pointer is given to function you write. (C++)

Merge two sorted linked list (write down a function) Note: Head of both list will be provided to the function you write.

Insert item into sorted doubly linked list item.(just write down the function) Note: head pointer will be give to function and data of node which need to insert. (After insertion list should be sorted as it was already sorted before insertion so insert item in right order so the list stay sorted)


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