AI technologies

Spotting liars at airport. This application is emerging to help immigration services to vet passengers at airports and land entry borders. With increased security, both immigration and airline personal may need to query passengers. Here is the solution that can be economically used to query all passengers at high speed, so here will be short waiting lines. This emerging system is called Automated Virtual Agent for Truth Assessments in Real Time (AVATAR). The essentials of the system are as follows:

a. AVATAR is a bot in which you first scan your passport.

b. AVATAR asks you a few questions. Several AI technologies are used in this project, such as AI, Big Data analytics, the “Cloud,” robotics, machine learning, machine vision, and bots.

c. You answer the questions.

d. AVATAR’s sensors and other AI technologies collect data from your body, such as voice variability, facial expression (e.g., muscle engagement), eyes’ position and movements, mouth movements, and body posture. Researchers feel that it takes less effort to tell the truth than to die, so researchers compared the answers to routine questions.

The machine then will flag suspects for further investigation. The machine is already in use by immigration agents in several countries.

Sources: Condensed from Thibodeaux, W. (2017, June 29). “This Artificial Intelligence Kiosk Is Designed to Spot Liars at Airports.”; Silk, R. (2017, November). “Biometrics: Facial Recognition Tech Coming to an Airport Near You.” Travel Weekly, 21


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