Amnesic syndrome

1. What is the amnesic syndrome? What cognitive functions are preserved? What cognitive functions are impaired? What parts of the brain are typically impaired?

2. What is implicit memory? How is it studied in amnesic patients? What outcomes are typically seen with anterograde amnesiacs?

1. What is Ribot’s law? How does it apply to cases of retrograde amnesia?

2. What causes Korsakoff’s disease? What are the primary symptoms of Korsakoff’s disease? How does it differ from the amnesic syndrome?

1. What is anosognosia? How does it affect the outcome of neuropsychological treatment? In what forms of amnesia is there evidence of anosognosia?

2. What is confabulation? Why does confabulation occur in both Korsakoff’s disease patients and in frontal lobe patients?

1. What are the causes of psychogenic amnesia? What symptoms differ from organic amnesia caused by brain injury?

2. What are the stages of Alzheimer’s disease? How is memory affected during each stage?


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