1. What are three factors that might be part of a PM for season ticket renewals?

2. What are two techniques that football teams can use to do opponent analysis?

3. What other analytics uses can you envision in sports?

4. Why would a health insurance company invest in analytics beyond fraud detection? Why is it in its best interest to predict the likelihood of falls by patients?

5. What other applications similar to prediction of falls can you envision

1. How would you convince a new health insurance customer to adopt healthier lifestyles (Humana Example 3)?

2. Identify at least three other opportunities for applying analytics in the retail value chain beyond those covered in this section.

3. Which retail stores that you know of employ some of the analytics applications identified in this section?

4. What is a common thread in the examples discussed in image analytics?

5. Can you think of other applications using satellite data along the lines presented in this section?


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