Criminal justice

1. What types of plea agreements were involved in Santobello—charge, count, or sentence? Was the nature of the agreement implicit or explicit? How would you characterize the working relationship between the defense and the prosecution in Santobello?

2.  List the major reason each of the members of the courtroom work group engages in plea bargaining.

1.   To what extent is the continuing controversy over search-and-seizure law really a debate over the war on drugs? Recall the controversy in Chapter 8 centering on judicial independence, in which a federal judge in New York suppressed a substantial amount of illegal drugs

2.  Explain the requirements governing the application for search warrants, the issuance of search warrants, and the execution of search warrants

1.   Explain why adherents of the crime control model of criminal justice oppose plea bargaining for different reasons from those of adherents of the due process model of criminal justice.

2.  Do defendants benefit from plea bargaining in terms of lower sentences, or is plea bargaining largely a shell game in which defendants are manipulated to think they are getting a good deal?


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