Information transmitted through the axon, dendrite, and synapse

1. What advantages does fMRI have over EEG and PET technology?

2. What is amnesia? What is the difference between anterograde and retrograde amnesia?

3. How do benzodiazepines affect memory? How do cholinergics affect memory?

1. Describe the functional significance of each of the following brain regions: (a) hippocampus, (b) amygdala, (c) diencephalon, (d) temporal lobe, and (e) frontal lobe.

2. How does EEG measure activity in the brain? What is EEG good for?

1. Describe the flow of information through the neuron, including how information is transmitted through the axon, dendrite, and synapse. Include the purpose of neurotransmitters.

2. What is the relation between the drugs we commonly take and the brain? By what mechanism do these drugs, such as caffeine, affect brain function?


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