Memory Management

What are flashbulb memories? What causes them? How much are they like or dislike regular memories?

Generally speaking, what happens when a source monitoring error occurs? More specifically, what are some of the ways that source monitoring errors produce problems?

What are cryptomnesia, the false fame effect, the sleeper effect, and the wishful thinking bias? How are each of these related to the process of source monitoring?

How are false memories implanted? What can be done to influence the probability that a false memory will be created?

What is the relationship between eyewitness confidence and accuracy? How can this be altered, and with what outcome?

How is eyewitness identification affected by the use of mug shots? By different types of lineups? By things that are said by an investigator?

What happens in the memories of jurors when they are instructed to disregard inadmissible evidence? How does this influence their decisionmaking?

How is eyewitness identification affected by the presence of bystanders, in terms of unconscious transference?


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