Memory science

1. Who was Hermann Ebbinghaus, and what were his important contributions to memory science?

2. How can the spacing effect be used to improve memory?

3. How did the contributions of the science of behaviorism and cognitive psychology to modern understanding of memory differ?

How many disk operations are needed to fetch the i-node for the file /usr/ast/courses/os/handout.t? Asume that the i-node for the root directory is in memory, but nothing else along the path is in memory. Also assume that all directories fit in one disk block.

Suppose a main memory access requires 250ns and the page fault rate is 5%. Assume that it costs us 12ms to access a page not in memory Select one: a. 620,475 ns b. 600,450 ns c. 620,450 ns d. None of the above e. 600,475 ns

The typical page size may be
a. Usually between 10 and100 bytes
b. Usually of 512 to 2k bytes
c. More than 100 KB bytes but less than 1 MB
d. Minimally 1 MB


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