State the Traveling Salesperson Problem

State the Traveling Salesperson Problem. Name three blind search algorithms. In what sense are blind search algorithms blind?

Compare the three blind search algorithmswith respect to: completeness, optimality, and time-and-space complexity. When is dfs preferable to bfs?

Why is search an important component of an AI system?

What is a state-space graph?

Describe the generate-and-test paradigm.

What properties should a generator possess?

How does backtracking improve on exhaustive enumeration?

Describe the greedy algorithm in a sentence or two.

Solve the False Coin Problem for 12 coins. Only three combinations of coins are permitted to be weighed. Recall that a balance scale returns one of three results: equal, left side is lighter, or left side is heavier. Solve the Mini False Coin Problem weighing only twice, or prove that this is not possible.


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