The Turing machine model

In what ways is the Turing machine model similar to

a. a person performing a calculation?

b. a computer doing the same thing?

Compare and contrast a Universal Turing machine running a Turing machine program with a digital computer running a program.

What heuristics are incorporated into GPS (Global Positioning System) systems? You may wish to consult Chapter 3.

Look on the Web for a discussion of the game Go. Why do you suppose that championshiplevel programs do not exist for this game? (See Chapter 16.)

How might fuzzy logic be incorporated into the control mechanism of a household appliance that we have not mentioned?

The minimum k-tree problem is to find a tree T in a labeled graph such that T has k edges and the total cost is minimal. For the graph shown in Figure 12.35, minimum 3-tree has a cost = 9.


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