C++ Programming

ranslate the program below into PEP/8 assembly language

• Change to output array in same order as input

• Add function twoVect

• Use trace tags on all variables.

a) Comment lines of the source code to trace the C++ code. Cut & paste the Source Code Listing into your assignment document.

b) Run for a set of 4 inputs and paste a screen shot of the Output area of PEP/8.

c) Step thru & Cut and paste the memory trace when in the twoVect function.


#include <iostream> using namespace std;

void twoVect(int v[], int n){

int k;

for(k = 0; k < n; k++){ v[k] = v[k] * 2;


} int main () {

int vector[4];

int j;

for (j=0; j<4; j++){

cin >> vector[j];


twoVect(vector, 4); for (j=0; j<4; j++){

cout << j << ‘ ‘ << vector[j] << endl;


return 0;



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