Write a C++ program

Write a C++ program that inputs a lower case character, converts it to an upper case character using the function below and increments it to the next character (i.e. B will be changed to C). If Z is entered it should be changed to A. If a non-letter character is entered, it should not be changed.

• A character that is not a letter should be returned as is.

• Character variables will need character trace tags.

• Hint: characters only use one byte of storage and should be manipulated with byte instructions.

• Add something to the output that makes this program uniquely yours.

• Then translate it to Assembly language.

a) Cut and paste you C++ Source Code into your assignment document.

b) Comment lines of the source code to trace the C++ code. Cut & paste the Assembly Source Code Listing into your assignment document.

c) Run for 3 inputs: one uppercase, one lowercase, & one non-letter and paste a screen shot of each in the Output area of the PEP/8.

d) Step thru & Cut and paste the memory trace at a point when in uppercase subroutine.


char uppercase (char ch) { if ((ch >= ‘a’) && (ch <= ‘z’)) { return ch – ‘a’ + ‘A’;

} else { return ch;





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