Inmate culture

This assignment explores prison culture, prison violence and how correctional officers manage inmates in the prison.


Use Chapter 11 to help answer the following questions in a Word document. Your answers should be double spaced. There is not a required length for these answers, but you must answer the questions in complete sentences in your own words.

  1. What are the two theories regarding how inmate culture becomes a part of prison life?
  2. How has following the inmate culture in a prison changed, and what are the potential reasons for the change?
  3. List five reasons for violence in prisons.
  4. What methods do correctional agencies use to control prison gangs?
  5. What do correctional officials do to prevent sexual assaults in prison?
  6. What is the Prison Rape Elimination Act and what types of sexual assault occur in prison?
  7. How do drugs get into prisons?
  8. How does the inmate culture in a women’s prison differ from that in a prison for men?

Submit your completed assignment to the Module 5 Assignment 1 folder: Chapter 11 Review Questions.

Please refer to the Chapter Review Grading Rubric under the Tools tab on the Course Navigation bar, and the Course Schedule and Grading and Evaluation pages in the Syllabus Module for due dates and grading information for this assignment.


  • Word document – saved as CRJ145_M5_Assign1_firstnamelastname
  • Times New Roman
  • 12pt font
  • One inch margins
  • Double spaced


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