Shadowing a leader

Each student is responsible for developing a set of interview or dialogue points to provide for the leader prior to their meetings. Each student should set up a minimum of three meetings, one of which can be, with the leader’s permission, to observe or shadow the leader at work.  The analysis should include the leaders:

• Leadership philosophy

• Vision and goals for the organization

• Conflict management techniques and suggestions

• Methods for establishing and building trust

• Methods for empowering others.

The results of this field research assignment will be shared in two ways.

1) A written report in APA style in the assignment thread

2) A presentation as a PowerPoint submitted in a Discussion Thread for student view and for the purpose of receiving feedback from your peers.  This is due in Lesson 3, it is worth 150 points of your grade.  I am introducing it now because it is detailed and needs to be followed.  But it also is going to take planning. What is one quality of a good Leadership… the ability to set goals, plan, and complete task.


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