Create an Integrated Communications Strategy (IMC) PowerPoint presentation


You and your partner have just started a new laundry pick-up company. You are the marketing person, and you need to explain the importance of having an Integrated Communications Strategy (IMC) to your partner. Your partner has no idea how to go about marketing a company or how to create a communication plan. You decided to create a presentation that will explain why you all should invest in an IMC strategy.


Create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation describing the importance of an IMC strategy.

  • Slide 1: Title Slide (Name of Company, student name and teacher’s name.)
  • Slide 2-3: Describe the importance of a marketing communication strategy for the laundry service company.
  • Slide 3-4: Discuss the marketing goals for the company.
  • Slide 5-6: Analyze how the marketing communication strategy connects to the marketing goal of the company.
  • Slide 7-8: Discuss how the marketing communications strategy be measured.
  • Slide 8-9: Include any additional information to support the IMC strategy to your partner.
  • Slide 10: Conclusion



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