Marketers riding the social media wave to engage consumers

 The surge of internet usage and digital technology has led to the rise of various social media platforms. Marketers are now riding the social media wave to engage consumers.


There are 2 parts to this assignment:

1. Select a brand (i.e. Nike, Walmart, Coca-Cola, etc.) that you frequently use.

2. Compare their social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube,  etc.) to their other digital and traditional marketing channels (TV, website, eMail).

Please address the following:

• List the number of current followers they have on 3 of the major social media platforms they are utilizing. 25% of grade • How do they leverage the use of influencers to promote their brand? 25% of  grade

• In your opinion, and assuming a $1 mil ad spend, what percentage should be  spent on: 25% of grade o Social media o Other digital & traditional

• One-paragraph summary of concluding thoughts & opinions 25% of grade

Requirements: • A one-page Word document with your name, title of assignment & date in the  footer


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