Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan Assignment

This assignment contains two parts: a written plan and an elevator pitch.
Marketing Plan
A large, successful restaurant company with a portfolio of differentiated brands is about to launch a new restaurant concept in the U.S.A. called “Blossom.” This will be a full-service restaurant offering a predominantly plant-based menu which focuses on seasonal items using locally sourced, fresh produce wherever possible. The restaurant will be positioned by its values: clean eating, responsible sourcing, and community building.
You are to assume the role of marketing director for the new restaurant concept. You are required to produce a strategic marketing plan for Blossom. Your plan needs to contain the following elements:
1. Executive summary: what the brand is, how it will be positioned, who it will target, and the primary
objectives (no more than two paragraphs)
2. Current market situation
a. Food trends (U.S.A.)
b. Full-service restaurants
c. Competition (direct/indirect)
d. Pricing
3. SWOT analysis (table format)
4. Objectives
a. Year 1
b. Year 2
5. Marketing strategy
a. Positioning (expand upon the value proposition in the opening paragraph above)
b. Targeting
c. Integrated marketing mix: four Ps (product, pricing, place, promotion)
6. Marketing controls: How will results be measured? How will marketing research be used?

Your plan should be presented in APA format. It should contain 6–8 pages (1,500–2,000 words), not
including your title page, contents page, and list of sources. Your plan should be clearly defined, explained,
and substantiated throughout by your research.
A grading criteria (rubric) is provided for the written marketing plan assignment.


  • Use APA style for citations and reference section



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