Interview Report

The Interview Report (Week 11). The purpose of the interview is to assess the extent and nature

of a relevant area/concept in HRM within an organization. The area of HRM that the interview will focus on will be chosen by you and the organization will be chosen by you too. For example, you could choose from Staffing the organization, developing human resources, Compensating human resources, Managing employee relations, or any other HRM area. You could look at the five sections of the textbook and pick an area from there. Select and interview a significant individual (preferably a HR professional) in this organization who can share insights of the organization’s HRM practices that impact the competitive advantage of the organization. Query them about the HRM functions within the organization, such as what recruitment and staffing strategies and practices they follow, or what training and development programs/ activities are in place; ask them how the organization views its investment in HRM; how such investments contribute to organizational performance; how does the organizational culture facilitate and/or hinder HRM activities; what sustainability challenge(s) does the organization face that increase(s) the role of human resource management practices. Get in-depth details that would help you assess the organization’s ability to overcome its sustainability challenges and leverage

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a competitive advantage in the market. The concepts, theories, and practices you read from the textbook will help you in formulating your questions.In your report,

Present a clear picture of the context of your interview – name of company, location of the

company, who you interviewed (position in the organization), when you interviewed, duration of the interview, how did you interview – face to face or otherwise? Also, any reason why you chose this company and why you chose the specific HRM area (about 1 page) – worth 5 points

b. Present a summary of the information gathered at the interview (about 2 pages) – worth 7 points

c. Provide a critical analysis of the challenges and possibilities for this organization using the material you have covered in the textbook on the theory and practice of HRM (about 3-5 pages). – worth 8 points. The paper should be of the highest quality, about 8 pages (not less than 5 pages), written in APA 6 style, scholarly, clear, precise, and interesting. The 5-page bare minimum does not include the title page and references. The paper should be double spaced with 1-inch margins. Make sure you cite your sources within the paper as well as on the reference page.

NB: Appropriate and relevant rubrics would be provided to guide students

References: Don’t forget to list all the sources you use at the end of the paper. Provide a full reference of each source (author’s name, year of publication, title of publication, publisher, pages (if a book chapter or journal article). For Internet sources, reference the URLs.

General: Here are some additional guidelines that will help you avoid the most common problems students have with their term papers:

Organization: Make sure that your paper is well organized by using headings and sub- headings. Headings and sub-headings provide a structure and guide to the reader as the discussion evolves from one issue to another.

Content: Remember this class is on Leadership. Your paper should be focused on this throughout.

Literature: You must use the literature to support your arguments. Put differently, do not make arguments that are not supported by evidence. Integrate your literature sources into the manuscript. By so doing, you will be able to ground your arguments.

Quotes: When you quote, make sure than you clearly provide the author(s) name(s), year of publication, and page number(s).

Tables: If you present tables, clearly label, and relate them to the paper.

Conclusions: Use the conclusions section to summarize your findings and provide

relevant, practical, and workable recommendations. Do not introduce new issues in this section


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