Characteristics of money as medium of exchange

Video on aggregate demand and aggregate supply:

1. Why is the aggregate demand curve downward sloping?

2. What factors may cause the short run and the long run aggregate supply curves to shift?

3. What is the Classical view of economic management and how is this different from Keynesian’s view?

Chapter 15

1. Describe the marginal propensity to consume and show how it is computed.

2. Discuss how spending and output influences equilibrium in a simple model where aggregate expenditure = consumption.

3. Describe how unplanned inventory can influence equilibrium in the model where AE=(C+I+G+(X-M))

4. Briefly describe the expenditure multiplier and state how it is computed. How is it different from the Tax multiplier?

Chapter 16

1. List the tools of fiscal policy and discuss how they may be used to avert a recession.

2. What are the main arguments put forward by supply-side economics and the limitations of this arguments?

Chapter 17

1. What is money? Discuss the characteristics of money as medium of exchange, unit of account, store of value, and means of deferred payment.

2. Define M1 and M2

3. Describe the money multiplier and explain how it works.


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