Prepare a case study on the energy system

Prepare a case study on the energy system in a Canadian Province or Territory, encompassing all of the four components (primary and secondary energy supplies, distribution and DSM). Please highlight the energy policy linkages to those components. Please research examples of specific companies that provide those components (e.g., New Brunswick Power, Enbridge Gas NB, and Irving Oil and Gas).    Case studies in the Fundamentals of energy Efficiency text book – BC, Ont, & NS.

The assignment should be: ·Approximately 5 pages in length, including figures and tables, if appropriate. ·Pertaining to a different province/territory than the Unit 3 Briefing Note. ·Written at a level and with language that would be beneficial to a business person with basic energy literacy and understanding of energy management. ·Comprehensive to ensure that all key aspects of the energy system construct are highlighted, including both energy supplies and DSM. ·Evidence-based and not anecdotal. Inclusive of at least five citations from the required or optional reading.


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