Write a 1 page (~300 words) reflection about how psychology relates to you major or future career choice. If you are undecided, choose on of the majors you might be thinking or any major that you feel comfortable writing about. For psychology, choose at least one of the subfields listed in Chapter 1. Do a little research outside of the textbook about that subfield (via google, wikipedia, etc). I am NOT expecting scientific or scholarly research. Then explain how the subfield and your major/career are connected.

This paper should be about 2 paragraphs. Please follow the format below:

1. Describe your major/career choice. Describe the subfield of psychology that you chose. ~ 100-150 words

2. Discuss 2-3 ways that subfield in psychology relates to your major/career. ~ 150-200 words.

*If you are a psychology major, I want you to explore 2 different subfields. Please follow the format below:

1. Describe why you chose to major in psychology. Describe the 2 subfields that you chose.

2. For each subfield, discuss at least 2 reasons why you think it is an interesting area of psychology.

All papers must be typed, double spaced, 12 point font.


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