The Intervention

Discussion: The Intervention

Learning Objectives:

Analyze a case and understand why the specific intervention was suggested

Identify individual strengths and weaknesses when gathering data

Reading and Resources:

Textbook: Flawless Consulting, Chapter 16 and 17

Shapiro Library Case Study: Surviving the Boss from Hell

Read the case study from Harvard Business Review and complete the Case Study Analysis Evaluate assignment.

After completing the assigned Block reading, make a connection from the chapter to your current position. How does this information apply to you as a potential consultant?

Discussion: Improve, Part Two—Mitigating Unwanted Consequences

First, read Chapter 8 in The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook. Also review your work from Module Five on the first aspect of the Improve process, including the IMPROVE Supplementary Document. Next, address the following:

In what ways do you perceive the Improve phase as being informed by the other phases of DMAIC that you have worked with in the course thus far?

How can you be sure that the Improve recommendations you propose to solve your organization’s conflict contain as few unwanted consequences as possible? How will you mitigate these unwanted consequences if they occur?

Why is an understanding of leadership styles, conflict management styles, and team building processes important to promote increased employee engagement and foster collaboration?

Use specific examples from your own organizational conflict or the Garden Depot case study.


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