Write a proposal for a service plan

In earlier classes in the program, you may have created a proposal for a service program you would like to build or be part of. This assignment asks you to add your facilitation skills to the creation of a service program for justice-involved individuals. It’s important to think through how you plan to engage with offenders or justice-involved individuals.

To be an effective facilitator and facilitate effective interactions with justice-involved individuals, it’s essential for professional service workers to reflect on their own mental state and their knowledge acquisition and consider how they best approach their clients. While your future workplace will dictate a lot about what program services will be offered, you will want to have your own personal philosophy on what appropriate program services should be offered to different individuals.

Write a 700- to 1,000-word proposal for a service plan based on facilitation skills and strategies discussed in this course. Begin by choosing a target population of offenders.

Include the following in your proposal:

  • Introduction (Who is your target population? What problem are you addressing?)
  • Proposal (What is your solution to the problem? Use the questions listed below.)
  • What programs and services do you want to be offering your demographic group?
  • Why do you want to provide those services rather than others?
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