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Your job is review the advertisement carefully, then 5a) identify the fallacies in the ads. 5b) Discuss how an individual’s beliefs and values can cause that person to perceive bias and fallacies in the advertising material.

Find a recent online advertisement. Only 1 advertisement please and focus on that.

Recent = no older than 21 days from when you are posting your response to this prompt. The date stamp of your response will be used for this. Review the advertisement carefully.

Provide the following, and number your responses:

1. Article/website/source Title

2. Date of publication

3. Link/URL

4. Brief summary of what the article/website is about (one or two sentences at most).

5. Now this is the challenging part. Your job is review the advertisement carefully, 5a) describe what appeals to your sense of what is true and reasonable? 5b) What appeals to your emotion? 5c) What makes your trust the company/source for this advertisement? 5d) Does this advertisement somehow match the rest of the content of the article/source?

(Minimum Word Count: 150-300 words total)


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