Big Data

Part 1 – Individual Research Project

The future of HRM is combination of technology and people. From the following list of top nine trends in HRM, select any three from the following list: 1. Globalization 2. Generational Diversity 3. Sustainability 4. Mass customization 5. Open innovation 6. Big Data 7. Social Media 8. Personal Technology 9. Gamification.


1. Pick any three trends in HRM as shown in the list of nine.

2. For each trend provide the following:

a. Explain the trend.

b. Connect the trend to the HRM process. Explain where the trend might be visible or found in the

HRM process of Planning, Recruitment, Decruitment, Selection, Onboarding, Training, Performance Management and Career Development. Please note that some trends may appear in one area of the HRM process whereas some trends may appear in multiple areas of the HRM process. Justify your answer.

c. Identify a business where the trend is being used and provide an example of how the trend is being used in the selected business.

d. For the selected business, identify if the trend is helping or hindering the success of the organization. Justify your answer.

e. Explain how the trend aligns with the strategic goals of the business selected in point c.

3. The paper must follow APA 7th edition format. This includes the title page, table of contents, in-text

references and reference page. An abstract is not required.

4. The paper must have an introduction and conclusion. Please follow best practices for introduction and


5. The report should be 700 words for each trend. The instructor will be looking for thoroughness, completeness, accuracy, examples provided, specific details, use of proper citation to support the argument.

6. Turnitin similarities of the paper must be less than 20%

7. Proper writing mechanics, grammar, and spelling is expected.

8. Please review the rubrics to ensure the paper meets the criteria.

9. Marks are only given for what is written not what is perceived.


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