Compare validity and reliability and explain why health measurement tools used

#1Compare validity and reliability and explain why measurement tools used for your DPI Project need to be valid and reliable. How do primary quantitative research studies do this?

Discuss one of the  primary research articles you identified, the methods, sample, and research design of which resulted in strong validity and reliability.

Explain how these will ensure data quality and how you measure it for your DPI Project.

#2Compare and contrast qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-method research.

What are the differences in approaches?  Reflect on the “Level of Evidence Plus Critical Appraisal of Its Quality Yields Confidence to Implement Evidence-Based Practice Changes” editorial article, located in the topic Resources. Which levels and criteria would be most appropriate when choosing primary research for a literature review?

What are important criteria to consider to support your evidence-based project intervention?

(must cite article) 250 words minimum 2 references

my evidence-based project intervention: implementing the ABCDEF bundle  to reduce the length of hospital stay


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