Differentiate between deficit and debt

Part I:  Describe the difference between deficit and debt (minimum of 3 sentences).  Properly cite any referenced material in APA format.

Part II:  What concerns you the most about the US debt?  How do you think this problem can be solved?  Ensure to utilize at least one reputable website and properly cite using APA documentation (minimum of 8 sentences).

Part III:  Discuss some of the initiatives that the current or previous administrations took to increase/decrease the debt/deficit.

We see instances of changes in the AS and AD curve all around us every day.  Let us investigate the applications of AS and AD.

Part I:  Give an example of the multiplier effect in action.  Ensure to discuss the other areas that change in response to an initial change in either investment or consumption  (minimum of 6 sentences).  Properly cite any referenced material using APA citations.

Part II:  Find an article that focuses on a change (shift) in AS or AD.  Give a summary of the article and the overall change in the price level and output due to this change (minimum of 8 sentences).  Ensure to include proper APA documentation.

Part III:  Respond to two classmates’ posts regarding Part II (minimum of 5 sentences).  Ensure to discuss the personal impact of the article.


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