Health & Medical article analysis

Find a recent online article with images.  PLEASE COMPLETE ALL THE QUESTIONS BELOW.

Recent = no older than 3 months from when you are posting your response to this prompt. The date stamp of your response will be used for this.

Provide the following, and number your responses:

1. Article/Source Title

2. Article/Source Date (no more than 3 months)

3. Link/URL

4. Brief summary of what the article is about (one or two sentences at most).

5. Now this is the challenging part. Your job is review the images carefully, then discuss the following questions:

5a) Is this a multimodal argument, explain why do you think so?

5b) What prompted the author to create this, what is the exigency here?

5c) What is the main claim? What are the implied values or point of view?

5d) Would everyone interpret it in the same way?

5e) What is your interpretation?


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