Major illnesses, minor illnesses and accidents during early child development

1: Describe the differences in major illnesses, minor illnesses and accidents during early child and how you think they can be prevented.

2: What are the NYS vaccination requirements that must be completed between birth and the preschool years prior to a child entering kindergarten? Do you agree with this? Why or why not?

part 2

Part 1: “Blue is for boys, Pink is for girls”.  What is gender identity? Discuss one theory of how children develop their concept of “boy versus girl” including the role of genetics and the environment.

Part 2: Post a picture of a toy for preschool aged children that you consider to be “gender neutral” and one that you think is specifically for a “boy” or a “girl” and why you think that is so.  Do you think children actually prefer to play with their “gender specific” toy due to nature, nurture, both, or neither?

The book is chapter 7 and 8 Textbook: HDEV 6th Edition (Links to an external site.) by /Spencer Rathus


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