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The purpose of this assignment is to create marketing communications recommendations for a marketing campaign. This connects to course learning outcomes of identifying the role of marketing in communicating value for customers, as well as applying the concepts of value proposition and positioning.

Assignment Task Overview

For this assignment, you will again assume the role of a marketing analyst. Your consulting firm has been hired to assist with a campaign effort for the client company of your selected product/service. This time the task will be to help create aspects of the marketing campaign. You will communicate your results in a professional presentation slide show commonly known in marketing as a “deck.”

Your client was persuaded that your new segment is a promising one to approach. The client has requested your firm to create a single message that can reflect your client’s brand value proposition and positioning. This message must reach consumers to create awareness and generate need with those potential customers.

There are three steps to this assignment. Review all three steps before you begin.

Step 1: Refer to a product/service

  • The product/service will be the subject of this assignment.
  • Follow the specific instructions outlined in Steps 2 and 3 below.

Step 2: Complete each of the following tasks as they relate to your product/service. Note the research and references requirement.

I. The Marketing Message

Your client was persuaded that your new segment is a promising one to approach. The client has requested your firm to create a single message that can reflect your client’s brand value proposition and positioning. This message much reach consumers to create awareness and generate need with those potential customers.

  1. Define the Segment. Refer to your Market Segmentation Memo from Week 4.
  2. Describe the segment you recommended for this client in Week 4. You may refine the segment based on any feedback you have received. Present here the revised or updated segment description.
  3. Discuss the purpose of your client’s marketing communication with this segment.
  4. Define the Value Proposition. Refer to the value proposition from your Value Proposition Memo from Week 2.
  5. Refer to the value proposition you identified for this client in Week 2. Adapt that value proposition to your new segment. You also may refine the value proposition based on any feedback you have received. Present here the new value proposition that you will use to create the message for the new segment.
  6. Create the message.
  7. Create and provide here an example message that would be appropriate to resonate with your new market segment for the client’s purpose.  See the “Integrated Marketing Strategies” learning resource. Use words and/or images.

II. The Marketing Communication Tools

  1. Choose the tools. You have determined the message. Now, you’ll consider the marketing communication mix. What are the best marketing communications or promotional tools for this message?
  2. Consider the promotion tools described in the “Tools of Promotion” learning resource. Begin by identifying for yourself which ones are not appropriate and why. Present two tools you recommend for communicating this message to this target segment. Choose and discuss at least two different tools described in the “Tools of Promotion” learning resource. Your choices must reflect the characteristics of your target segment.
  3. For the two promotional tools you recommended in this section, add additional detail. For example, if “events and experiences” was one of your recommendations, provide an example of an event that would be appropriate to communicate the message to your target segment.

III. Recommendations (Summary and Conclusion)

  1. The right message and medium for the segment. What is the message and the medium you recommend to reach this new target consumer segment?
  2. The segment: Summarize the new segment you created. You are reminding the client of the goal.
  3. The message: Present the message appropriate for the segment. Use words and/or images.
  4. The promotion tool: Present at least two different promotional tools from the major modes of communication, along with an example for each.
  5. How to integrate the marketing communications? Make some specific recommendations for your client to best integrate the message and the marketing communications you have recommended.

Step 3: Format your submission as a PowerPoint presentation to comply with these requirements. Meet the research and reference requirements.

Communicate your results in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. This is a presentation that would be effective in a professional marketing setting. See Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations

  • Your presentation will have a cover slide, an agenda slide (also known as index slide), three major content sections (see below), and references slide(s)
  • It is reasonable to expect this assignment to be about 10 slides in length, not including cover and references slides.

Research and References Requirement

  • All statements of fact within the memo must be supported by a credible source, and that source must be cited using APA in-text citations. See Is my source credible?
  • Include a slide with a list of your sources in APA format. The reference list slide is required and should appear at the end of the slide deck.


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